Charlie Brown Christmas Yard Art

Written on 11:24 PM by Cara

*note: For some reason, Blogger wouldn't take these pictures off my hardrive so I had to use the ones I had in Photobucket. So the pictures are slightly pixelated. When we set them back up at Christmas this year I'll take new pictures and replace these. Sorry about that.*

I made the Charlie Brown guys for our yard at Christmas. I always wanted cute stuff for the yard and the Charlie Brown Christmas show is my favorite, so it was an easy choice. A Pea at 2Ps gave me the idea and I ran with it. I'll show some of the process and a few how-tos at the bottom.

Right side of the circle drive:

Left side of the circle drive:

Inside the circle drive:

The Guys:

The How Tos:

I used high quality 3/4" plywood that had a "good" side. I used plain old craft paint and paint pens you get at Walmart or a craft store. Here is the back view, I painted the edges and backs black. I attached "rebar stakes" I found at Lowe's to them to stick them in the ground.

I got the pictures from books and the internet. I used a projection machine called an "Art Tracer Jr." I bought at Michaels to project the images onto the plywood, it uses regular images on paper, not transparancies like an overhead projector. You have to use thick outlines to keep the ratio right so they look right. I drew them with black paint pens, painted in the colors with brushes and craft paint, and then filled out the lines with the paint pens. My husband cut them all out with a jigsaw and I sanded the edges well.

Being sanded to get ready to paint:

A note about PigPen's hair. As you can see, I tried to draw it on at first and it looked like his brain was exposed, poor alien PigPen. So I asked my husband what I could use and he said he had some TV cable in the garage. So I staple gunned it to the poor kid's head (as you can see in the picture above under "The Guys"). He whimpered for a minute but then he was glad not to be alien PP anymore.

Another tip: Do not start this project 3 weeks before Thanksgiving thinking you'll finish before the holidays start, because you won't. Even if you spend hours a day in the garage. Do this in the summer, really, take my word for it, because you won't be done until the first week in December and then you'll be scrambling to get all your other Christmas stuff done.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Love the characters and I've been wanting to do this for a while. Do you happen to have in digital format the photos you used to trace the characters onto the plywood? If so could you email them to me so I can use some of them to make my own?

    Thanks, Jason

  2. JasonMac |

    Sorry I forgot to leave my email for you,



  3. MC |

    Hi, i was also wondering If I could get a digital format?


  4. Anonymous |

    Hi my name is Heather and I just found your blog. I love your yard art but have a questions. What kind of projector did you use 5x or 10x ? Thank you,Heather

  5. Kathy Olson |

    I wish my husband would make some of these for our yard!!

  6. stefanee bartolotta |

    LOVE THESE and you did such an amazing job! Thanks for the "when to start" tip, too! Very helpful!

  7. Jeff Porter |

    My wife and I would love to this for our yard. Do you have the photos you used and if you do could you email them to me. Your art work is great. My email is

  8. Anonymous |

    Hello. I just love these. Is it possible that you can make a set for me and i will pay you ? Please contact me at

  9. mmoody |

    do you have the digital file... I love these so much!

  10. Anonymous |

    Hi Lady!

    Love what you did with the Peanuts. I have been wanting to do this for a year, but didn't know how. Just found/read your blog. Can you please send a digital file to me at I want to try to finish before Thanks giving.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Anonymous |


    I love what you did!!! Fantastic! Could you send me a digital file at

    Could you also tell me the size of the finished characters?
    Great job!

  12. Anonymous |

    love these!! Quick question: If it rained, would they get ruined? Also wondering if i could get the digital format Thanks!

  13. Anonymous |


    I love what you did too! They look great! Could you send me a digital file too please
    Thanks, God Bless, & Merry Christmas!

  14. Anonymous |

    Meee tooo!!! I usually draw/paint on the windows..Have a yard now that would be perfect!!! Please reply .. Here's my email:

  15. Anonymous |

    Badass skills u think i could get a digital copy send it to

  16. Douglas Henderson |

    Absolutely SMASHING! Thank you for posting this. The pictures you took and posted are perfect - I just got back from Michael's where I purchased the little enlarger you talked about - and I had a 40 percent Michaels smart phone coupon for it! I'm going to use that with your pictures and do some of these images on plywood in my yard. I plan to put up one of those selling your house boxes that contain sheets about square footage price and all that. Instead, I will print out sheets that talk about how Charlie Brown Christmas is the most popular Christmas special of all time and how that it was a miracle that it was made. I will include a link to, Billy Graham's website. Charles Shultz loved (and in heaven still loves) God and trusted Jesus as his Lord and savior. This morning when I was having my quiet time I felt strongly I was supposed to present this gentle message to my neighbors. I went looking on the internet and found your post. Thanks! you are an answer to my prayers :)

  17. Anonymous |

    I would love to have a copy of whatever you used for your projections as well.

  18. Tracy Elliott |

    Did anyone ever get the digital copies of these beauties?

  19. Unknown |

    I'd like them too if you have it. Drnesnick@gmail. Com. Thanks

  20. Unknown |

    I'd like them too if you have it. Drnesnick@gmail. Com. Thanks

  21. Anonymous |

    Did anyone get digital copies?

  22. Anonymous |

    This is fantastic! My daughter LOVES Peanuts. Would you mind sharing the files for your images? My email is Thank you!!

  23. John |

    As so many have already said...I love this and have wanted to do this for years. I saw that your plywood was 3/4 thick, but what was the dimensions in length and width? Any files or other materials you can share can be emailed to

    Thank you for sharing! :)


  24. Tracy Elliott |

    I would love the files too please. Thanks

  25. livancv |

    Can you send me the digital copies of the images? What types of paint did you use?

  26. Anonymous |

    would love the digital copies as well! thanks!

  27. Joseph Sapienza |

    What a great idea! Was able to find the projector at Michaels too!! If you wouldn't mind, could you please share the digital file of the images? My email is

    Thanks very much and Happy Holidays!!!


  28. Anonymous |

    Just save the great pictures provided and print them on printable transparency stock . Then use a projector to transfer the shapes to your plywood.

  29. Anonymous |

    I was wondering if you still have the plans for the peanuts, I would love to have a copy to make them for my yard. They look great. My email is Thanks and Happy Holidays.

  30. Anonymous |


  31. Anonymous |


  32. Steve Taylor |

    How about copyrights to duplicate these Peanuts characters. Anyone on here want to address this?

  33. Steve Taylor |

    How about copyright issues. The fines are pretty stiff. Anyone want to address this please.

  34. oncetherewasaway |

    Thank you for posting your how to of this project. I would love to have a digital file of these characters if you are so inclined to share. I am hopeful to make this a springtime project so I won't be scurrying around at the last minute to beautify my front yard after Thanksgiving. Thanks, my email is

  35. pam rivera |

    these are great love the peanuts also if you dont mind sending me a digital file on them also thanks these would look great in my yard also

  36. Anonymous |

    Can I have the files to the pictures also? And thank you for these. ray

  37. Unknown |

    I would love to the pictures also, my husband is going to do the same with wood but having a hard time finding the right peanuts pictures. Can you send them to my email at Thanks again.


  38. Unknown |

    One other thing do you have any with Scroeder on the piano? If so can you email them too

  39. Anonymous |

    Everyone is asking about the files, can I get in on the email too?

  40. AurecGoldfinger |

    I loved the pictures of the Peanuts Gang! I'm wanting to get a jump on next year as I am not the most artistic side train in TM the world. If you could, could you email me the files? My email was is

    Many Thanks! :-)

  41. Anonymous |

    Great job.... can you email me the file. looking to do snoopy and Chuck Brown.

  42. Tracy Grody |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Tracy Grody |

    Excellent job!! I have my projector and plywood prepped and ready to trace. I having a difficult time finding good images though (where everyone is proportional to one another)... would you mind sharing your images?? My email is Thank you!! Happy Holidays :)

  44. Anonymous |

    Can you send me the images you used? We are planning ahead to next year, and want to do a Charlie Brown Christmas float for our local parades. My email is Thanks

  45. Anonymous |

    You are SO VERY TALENTED !!! Have you considered selling these via Etsy - or would that be a copyright infringement? In any event, would you mind sending me these electronic images and if you have Schroder playing the piano that would be cool too. Maybe I can (ahem) attempt to create them. I highly doubt they will look as amazing as yours. Email:
    Many thank yous and HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)

  46. Anonymous |

    Those are fantastic!!! I have been making yard decorations for years and have been wanting to add Charlie Brown's Christmas for the past few years but I have not found any patterns. I guess I could draw my own but I'm not THAT talented; could you send me the pictures/patterns you used? I printed your pictures but they are really small. Any help would be address is:

  47. Yard art man |

    All those who are asking for copies the peanut group all you need to do is go on your computer and there are thousands of pictures on the computer you just have to search for Christmas yard on Halloween yeah. And you'll find everything that you need as far as pictures are concerned

  48. Ms. Dean, M. Ed. |

    Wondering if anyone has received a reply on their comment? I would like to know the size of characters vs the doghouse and tree. I can find the pics online, how tall did you create the doghouse compared the the kids? The projection could go any height. Thanks.

  49. Anonymous |

    Do you sell then


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