One Camp Down, One to Go

Written on 1:14 AM by Cara

Well, Dillon got home from his first Scout Camp this summer back in June. Happy, tired, and stinky as usual. Times like this I wish it was legal to let the kid ride in the back of the truck. He went straight to the shower as soon as he walked in the door.

His brother was so happy to see him after a week he wanted to carry all his gear for him.

We have one more this summer, the biggie. Philmont. If you aren't a Scout person Philmont is the elite of elite Boy Scout Camps. Hard to get picked for an invitation, his troop hasn't been invited for 6 years. So we are treating this trip as a once-in-a-lifetime. He is taking it all in stride, Mom is worried silly. Two weeks away, in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico, 55 miles, 40 lbs on his back. We have less than 3 weeks now...gulp.

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