Baby Shower Gifts and How to Make Hooded Bath Towels

Written on 1:17 AM by Cara

I made a few baby shower gifts that are always a big hit and gets a LOT of use by the moms. Almost every single mom I have ever given these to call me within 6 months of the births to rave about how much they used them and how glad they were I made them.

Trimmed Burp Cloths: Super easy, just get some lace and other cute trim and sew it on cloth diapers. I only do it on one end, the part that goes over the shoulder, so the baby still has the soft side against their face.

Hooded Towels: Again, super easy and inexpensive (seeing a theme here?). These are just regular towels and matching washcloths, but they turn out really cute. They are great for after the baby grows out of the little newborn ones.

The How To: So many people have asked for directions so here they are:

Fold the washcloth diagonally and pin the corner into the middle of the long end of the towel make sure the right side of the washcloth and the right side of the towel are facing each other:

Then line up one edge with the edge of the towel and stitch:

Then line up the other edge and stitch. Turn it back right-side out and you are done! Super easy and super useful!

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