Newest Lakehouse Project

Written on 8:10 PM by Cara

When you have a lakehouse it seems there is neverending work. It's either the watercraft, the boathouse, or the house itself. And since we bought a fixer-upper, well, it is an ongoing project.

When we bought it, it had been a "corporate perk house" when it was built and the people we bought it from had done nothing to it so it was filled with seafoam green and pink Southwest everything. And the boathouse was falling apart. So we had a new boathouse built. But Jimmy is not going to let other's do something he can do himself, so we basically had the shell built.

We put in all the lifts ourselves, etc. And now it was time for a storage building to keep all the "stuff" in. Oh joy. Luckily Dillon is getting old enough now to learn and help so that takes a lot of pressure off me. He was very proud of what they accomplished, so it was all good.

Boathouse before:

And the project begins:

Like father, like son:

Teaching the boy:

Here comes the supervisor to make sure everyone is doing their job:

When Jimmy was stuck up on the skis or on the scaffold, guess who had to cut the wood? At least I have girly gloves :)

What happens when you can't get a ladder in where you need it? You use the jetski lift.

And what happens when you can no longer build the outside walls from the inside? You make your own scaffolding over the water:

From the inside:

The Masterpiece finished. They were very proud of themselves:

Doesn't it look great? The supervisor approved, and another lakehouse project is done.

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