Off to Summer Camp!

Written on 1:39 AM by Cara

It's very, very early in the morning. Usually Dillon goes in the big bus on Sunday morning, but this year he is in the leadership so he has to go on Saturday morning. They go up a day early and get the camp ready for all the other boys. Not sure how he felt about it, he was too sleepy! Of course Noah was right there to help, and to tell him, "I will mist you".

Loading up in the Silver Bullet is much different than in the Big Bus.

On a sad note: Noah and I drove over and visited during the week. At the same time we were eating dinner at my son's Scout Camp, 4 other Scouts were losing their lives at another Scout camp in Iowa due to a tornado. It was very scary waking up the next morning in the hotel room and seeing that on the news, when my son still had 3 more days at camp. I wanted to run out there and gather him up and take him home with us right then.

I didn't, of course, but my heart was with those moms who were waking up to a very different outcome of their boy's summer camp. I felt so lucky and so sad at the same time. The irony was painful.

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