Baby Shower

Written on 6:06 PM by Cara

I might as well add this post and catagory since I seem to get asked about the shower about once a week. This will be easier than trying to link to the 2Ps thread.
The invitations: These are sent out as is. All I did was put a label on them and the PO sends them out. It's great for the invitees, and the mom-to-be called all freaked out when she got it since it was a surprise for her too.

The entrance to the house: I have these urns, so I just tied the balloons to bricks, set them in there and stuffed tissue paper in them. Easy, and inexpensive.

The Door: I made a diaper wreath for the door. Super easy, white styrofoam wreath, curly ribbon, diapers, stuff. Again, easy and inexpensive.

The entryway: I also made a diaper cake. There are many versions and directions for the cake and the wreath on the net, just Google and decide what design you like. I wanted to keep mine simple:

The table: I set the 2 different baskets of favors, the cake, the cake plates and forks, and a couple of candleholders on the table in the formal dining, just to the left of the entry:

The cake: The theme was "Baby Clothesline" and I got a very talented local lady to make a beautiful cake...isn't it darling? She did such a good job!

The favors: I made these for both the women and men. I stitched up the hats along one side, did the top with a rubberband, turned it inside out and turned up the edge. The blankets are just squares of fleece pinned with baby colored pins. Add a strip of paper with the hand-drawn face and a tag and taadaa:

The ladies got bath fizzies, the men and kids got chocolate bars:

The gifts and the Guests of Honor: I was lucky enough to borrow an antique carriage from one of the aunts to use as a centerpiece in the formal living and to hold some gifts:

The Mom and Dad-to-Be: A couple of wnderful people and well deserving. We had about 50 people at the shower and I was so happy it came out so well, these two deserve it.

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  1. Anonymous |

    LOVE the invitaion idea. Im planning my baby shower, but i cant find bottles like that. Those are perfect! where did you find them at?

  2. Stacy |

    Love the Chocolate bars dressed as babies! Soooo adorable!

  3. Me, the party thrower! |

    Shoot, I'm so late on this question, I'm so sorry! But in case someone else finds this and has the same question: I got the bottles at Dollar Tree.

  4. Nina |

    This is so adorable, you did an awesome job on everything!

  5. krystle |

    How did u make those cute candy bars as baby's?

  6. Anonymous |

    You did an amazing Job, great ideas!


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